Modern Material is designed to always be ahead of the curve. It's the new material we crave from our favorite artists, designers or fashion influencers and our ability to know what's coming next so our clients can capitalize on what's trending.


We can provide trend reports to target your customer or fan base and create a brand concept perfect for your image or brand.



We aren't starving artists. Our designers have made a very good living designing merchandise for the materialistic. We have a large network of freelance designers who design for brands like Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, Abercrombie & Fitch, Lane Bryant, Express, Ulta Beauty, Target, Petsmart, KMart, Hot Topic, Yankee Candle, Peeps & Co, It'Sugar and dozens more.


Curate and customize artwork from our large catalog of designs or commission artwork for a new brand concept.


Our retail merchandising consultants have generated millions of dollars in sales for their clients.  They work with the biggest brands and retailers in the world to build complete merchandising strategies or fill voids in product assortments. Our retail merchants work with designers to create GOOD, BETTER, BEST merchandising strategies to target different consumers with multiple price points to assure no market is left untapped.



Our product and packaging design consultants are among the best in the fragrance and beauty industry. We have a very large network of resources from our experience working with brands and retailers like Bath & Body Works, Ulta Beauty, Victoria's Secret Beauty, Sephora, Yankee Candle, and dozens more. We can develop custom fragrances and product fills with chemists and create stunning packaging.

Our product development consultants take our designs and source the best materials and vendors to assure pricing, quality, timelines and deliverables are met. Our team comes from brands like Nike, KSwiss, Express, Ulta Beauty, Nordstrom, Bath & Body Works and have expert knowlege in apparel fit, product construction, product fills and packaging development. We have spent years developing unique consumer product goods by communicating design concepts with manufacturers in China to materialize our ideas.



We can work directly with our clients preferred vendors, utilize our existing relationships or source new vendors. Modern Material is developing our own cut + sew line of apparel and accessories that can be customized with prints, graphics, and special techniques or we can take current apparel blanks and remove labels to apply custom branding for your own label.


We work with the best of the best to create visually stunning images for marketing campaigns or packaging. From food styling to look books to over the top fashion photography, our team can assemble all creative resources needed to shoot your merchandise on models or provide art direction for lifestyle photography. Your brand will be guaranteed to draw much more attention with beautiful imagery ultimately driving sales that will quickly surpass your photography  budget.

* If you have a very limited budget we can work with you to assemble a team of talent looking to build their portfolios.





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Our digital media production partner, FUNCTION 5,  works with venues and bands to film and produce live music television shows and exclusive content. We can create visually stunning music videos for your "merch"andise line to share on social media to help create the demand for your product.


We believe a brand deserves a beautiful marketing campagin.  Most of our clients have in-house marketing departements dedicated to building their brands. We beleive recording artists can turn their talent into marketing campaigns that can generage millions of dollars in "merch"andise sales. A tour only comes to town maybe once a year and e-commerce merch is likely only attracting the super fan who will buy anything. Why not market your merch line to the fashion consumer who's taste in style is just as important as their taste in music? Our team can work with you to build eye-catching campaigns to make your merch a must-have.


We work with retail buyers and tour merch companies to distribute our products to the consumer.